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Ben Yu
Group Director
Born on a mountaintop in Tennessee, Ben was born fully armed and clothed to a loving family of 6. Unfortunately, at age 10 he saw his parents brutally robbed and assaulted before him, prompting a years-long, world-wide trip in which he became schooled in a variety of fighting techniques. At age 25, he began fighting crime under an alter-ego only to discover that his entire life had been a television project, a simulated life for the entire world to view and see. Upset at this turn of events, he eventually met with an infamous computer hacker and took a red pill in order to escape the complex prison set up around him. He fled across the Atlantic in a TARDIS and, at age 42, Ben led an uprising in Nottingham, successfully turning over control of the land and its surrounding forests to its merry residents. He continued travelling the world, venturing onto a ship with black sails to the isle of Tortuga, where he met the love of his life, Anastasia. But upon realizing that she was in fact a member of the Russian royal family, Ben was forced to flee for his life. At age 51, Ben did the only thing he knew how to – he flew around the world in the opposite direction of its natural orbit and turned back time.

Now 22 once again, he lives a quiet life in the urban wilderness of Los Angeles, eating only animals which he hunts and kills himself. After outracing the clutches of a one-eyed whale in his 1968 Volkswagen Beetle, Ben finally found himself in El Segundo, where he uses his powers for performance based online marketing and, on occasion, evil.
Direct: 310.971.9347

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