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As the affiliate program of Dedicated Media, CPADNA shares Dedicated's extensive online reach, one that gives us a tremendous ability to find the right customers for your cost per action offers. Our affiliate marketing team has amassed decades of experience, running thousands upon thousands of campaigns. We have established deep relationships with a vast array of publishing partners, enabling us to structure CPA advertising campaigns so we can provide actions of only the highest value from trusted sources.

CPADNA also implements proprietary fraud prevention practices that leverage state of the art third-party tools as well as sophisticated in-house systems, allowing us to identify and permanently block all fraudulent traffic sources or non-compliant advertising practices. We utilize a highly-developed matching model that allows us to find publishing partners that fit your campaign, expand your online advertising market, and drive consistent results. CPADNA owns an offer scoring tool that helps you structure a deal for success – generating traction in the performance market while not overpaying for media. Our sales team and affiliate managers are more than happy to help you structure your performance marketing campaign for maximized cost-effective results.

Reach out to us today at 1-888-975-9966 and let's start achieving your business goals now.