About Us

Backed by our exceptional team of marketing veterans and the combined experience of more than 20 years, Dedicated Networks is proud to present CPADNA, a top-tier affiliate network with the mission to drive optimum results, provide high quality service, and develop solid relationships for advertisers and affiliates through performance-based technology. With a winning combination of experienced staff and the finest network technology we take affiliate marketing to the next level.

CPADNA provides high converting branded offers, the kind of offers that have made top-tier CPA networks an indispensable part of publishers' profits. We strive to produce lucrative revenues for affiliates and the best possible ROI for advertisers. Supported by our advanced affiliate software, our network has a robust collection of reporting and notification functions that allow us to be more accessible, more responsive, and better informed than our competitors. We are confident that this unique publisher-centric approach combined with our tireless sales efforts will bring you the type of top level offers that will make CPADNA an invaluable addition to your team.

CPADNA - Bring life to your marketing, we've got it down to a science.