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"…uses his powers for performance based online marketing and on occasion, evil."
Ben Yu
Group Director
"In 2010 I accepted a position at Dedicated Media and have since told them they are going to have to shove me out the door because I have the best job in town."
Holly Martin
VP of West Coast Sales
"I'm committed to cultivating and deploying the very best strategies to engage and perform for our clients."
Max Yang
Director of Ad Operations
"I enjoy being a part of an industry that is always on the forefront of developing and growing."
Mindy Raslevich
Director of Campaign Management
"Be the first to the dinner table, speak up, and most important never sacrifice honor and integrity."
Tom Cullen
Director of Lead Generation
"As an affiliate coordinator at CPADNA, I get to work with creative and intelligent people who are as passionate as I am about marketing."
Shana Kohanof
Affiliate Manager